27th July 2012

Report on the construction of a new church building at Kabe

Greeting once again from the people of Sacred Heart Parish, Shafaci. I am delighted to be able to report on the successful construction of another church building in the parish funded once again by you in Killaloe. This brings to 12 the number of church buildings of this size that have been funded by you in Killaloe; in the North Borgu area of Kontagora Vicariate.

This is surely a remarkable achievement, providing as they do combined, over 10,000 sq ft in which to worship. In total I estimate that between all of the communities that you have provided places of worship for, that there are now almost two thousand worshipers.

The €3,000 you donated was able to purchase the cement, iron rods, doors and windows, as well as the wood and corrugated iron sheets for the roof. It also paid for the workmanship of the bricklayers and carpenters. Work was begun in November and the building was completed before the end of January 2012.

The people are really delighted with their new church and over the next few years they will complete it, plastering the walls inside, painting it and filling it with benches etc. This building should last without the need for major repairs for at least 50 years. It will serve not only as a place of worship, but also as a community centre cum classroom. In the evening time when the farm work is completed it will host meetings of the various societies, such as the youth and women’s groups.

This community at Kabe continues to grow and develop as more people from the area put aside their traditional religion and join the Church. The contribution that you in the Apostolic Workers have made is a real encouragement to them. I enclose a few photos of the work and of the new building. I hope they will be of use to you in letting your members know just how much you have contributed to the growth and development of the church in this deprived and remote part of the world.

On behalf of the people of Kabe and all the other places you have helped over the years with funds for new churches, I want to thank you for your generosity and concern for the spread of the Gospel. May the good Lord continue to help and bless you in your work.

Yours Sincerely,

Fr Dónall Ó Catháin S.M.A
Parish Priest Shafaci