Each year we support a number of projects. These nationally chosen project co funded by the dioceses affiliated to National Council

The amount usually is in the region of €15,000 and is awarded to a single project. In August each year National Council writes to all the missionary requesting that they submit suitable projects and a decision is usually made in October. The type of project chosen usually comes under Education, Medical, Water Supplies, Church Building. The decision is made at the discretion of the members. One of the principles is that the project is of sufficient size to be able to absorb the amount awarded as €15,000 can translate into a very large amount in some developing communities. In the last few years the Project has been awarded for Church Building, advancing the teaching abilities of Catholic Teachers,  and medical aid to assist in children whose parents have died of AIDS or are suffering from HIV/ AIDS

You can find out more about some of these projects here…


The National Project for 2019 is “Pastoral Care for Women in Situations at Risk”. All appeals are to be returned by July. All applications are dealt with in detail and at the November meeting in Clonliffe and a vote is taken by the Presidents present as to who is the recipient.