Welcome to Apostolic Work Ireland

We have been working since 1923 as committed lay people and religious to pray for and support the work of Irish Missionaries (and others) wherever they serve.

The fruits of our fund raising and the work of our own hands makes a difference.  We get the help directly to those who need it.

We have branches in 18 dioceses throughout Ireland and there is a hearty welcome for new members. Find out more about us on this website and feel free to get in touch.

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Projects & People We Support

Literacy/Catechumenate at Puissia, Nigeria

We contributed to the construction of a newly established Literacy/Catechumenate at Puissa, Kontagora Vicariate, Niger State, Nigeria.
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New Church at Laute, Nigeria

Another community has been provided with a fitting place in which to worship, as well as a place in which to learn how to read and write. This Church building is the only solid structure in the area.
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New Church Building at Kabe, Nigeria

The people are really delighted with their new church and over the next few years they will complete it, plastering the walls inside, painting it and filling it with benches etc.
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