Message from President: Mrs Anne Donaghy

The National Council had three meetings throughout the year, all of which were well attended. Over the course of the year we raised €375387.10 from our eleven southern dioceses, and £463026.75 from our three northern dioceses. Apostolic Work continues to supply missionaries with vital financial and material support; however, our membership has decreased over the past few years, and we are concerned with the lack of involvement in some dioceses. It is our duty to encourage others to join in this amazing work of responding generously to the cry of the poor, and supporting our hard-working missionaries, who work tirelessly to spread the Gospel and to bring justice and peace to many parts of the world. We are entering our 95th year of Apostolic Work, so I ask you to pray that we can increase our membership, so that we can sustain our good work.

We would like to thank Clonliffe College for the continued kindness they have shown us, by allowing us to hold our meetings there. Thanks, are also extended to all of the bishops and priests for their support and guidance throughout the year. A special word of thanks to the branch members who give up their time to arrange fundraising events; and also, the diocesan presidents and branch presidents, whose work is greatly appreciated. I would also like to show gratitude to the members of the council who have given me support during the year. All of our work is done by volunteers, without which we could not complete our work.

Project for 2016

The chosen National project for 2016 was the education of the youth. We received four appeals at our November meeting, and it was decided to allocate €3000 to Fr. J Kennedy (South Africa), €3000 to Fr. Connor Donnelly (Kenya), €5500 to Sr. N McGrath (Cameroon) and €5500 to Sr. J Isobella (Zambia)


Anne Donaghy

National President